How to put this cookies on jarvee?

Hi, I bought a SCRAPER Account with registration cookies
It is not clear to me what to do with this cookie
Is the cookie used for my regular browser only? How do I convert it to JARVEE if at all possible?
When I try to add it to JARVEE I fail, it is not in the appropriate format.
here the cookies format i got, how i convert it to jarvee format?
look here, It’s part of the cookie, not the whole, thanks

Please show us how are you trying to add the cookies to Jarvee and what is the error that you are getting.

I would also recommend reaching out to the Jarvee support team, and send the cookies file over to them so they can test it on their end.

Importing cookies should work with any cookies exported using JSON format. I recommend contacting Jarvee’s support regarding this matter.

the cookie won’t be imported until it has the exact form that Jarvee accept you can use the following option to get a sample of the one Jarvee accepts (use that option on an existing account)