How to raise ER in your account

Last two weeks I been flooded with help my ER
Needs to be raised … Along those lines.
No secret and it’s in the first 10-15 minutes that count the most
– the post must be good to excellent –
Its not what you like that counts its what your followers like. This right here is where the majority fail .

  1. They MUST be followers. You want real ER than you need guess what . real ER folks. Duh.
  2. As many comments as you can the first 2 minutes as possible 20 goal and 70 to 150 next 8 to 12 minutes .
  3. Saves and shares around 30 to 50 first 15 minutes.

These are goals to reach and those are the key If you want high numbers.


Thank you for sharing such great knowledge @Alexnvo. I wanted to ask are you doing the engagement manually (via EB) or automated?

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I do nothing anymore but like my slaves posts with my mains. Each account is big and grows alone. Some by 10 a day some in the thousands.
Just the upkeep with posting I have time for right now in my life


Here’s a question for everyone who uses slave accounts - have you tried using your slaves as an engagement group for your main? What I mean by this is, follow your main and every time it posts immediately like the post / comment.

I feel with 50 slaves that are 1k+ followers, this could make a big difference in engagement in the long run. Would love to hear if anyone’s tried something like this

To be clear, I’m referring to anyone using their slaves in mother slave method


but it maybe dangerous if you only use all of this account to support for just 1 main account. IG will know it

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Will they though? If they’re following the account, how will this differ at all from a normal follower?


I believe the affect comes more from the amount of “following” of the slave account. There are certain tools that indicate that an account following over 1800 people is marked as a “mass follower account” and is therefore of lower quality. Maybe Instagram uses a similar benchmark?

Interesting. My network of slaves that I’m planning on using is all 20k+ followers. Hopefully that is enough to make a difference

That is likely to assist, as it means you have bigger accounts following you, but are their following counts lower or higher?

I can hopefully keep their follower counts sub 100 which would be ideal

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You mean Following count right?

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interesting idea, seems like it would work really well

Many slaves comments and likes with low/high follower counts will help.(or destroy)

My slaves all are under my name via Facebook or phone or both. All accounts at one time or another been logged in via bot, phone and Browser. They all lead to me and IG knows that.

If slaves are to be autonomous and not connected there is a good probability the will eventually be linked together without a human …
Just another botted account. That’s the greatest risk. Complete destruction.

If the slaves were a few years old posting and are more established the risks would be much less.
At this stage in is way to early to do this. Be it one slave or one hundred. Enter at your own risk.

I would personally grow them min 6 months or more and also slowly add likes.


Thanks @Alexnvo for sharing this knowledge.

How do your slave accounts look like? You mentioned that they are all growing by themselves, so I guess its not the simple “fanaccount” structure where you repost the content of your main account only.

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Is there a scheme you follow with your slave accounts? I mean what exactly is your strategy there? Do you have accounts that repost post from other influencers (including the posts of your customers, but not only them) or how do you build those slave accounts?
I’m asking as it doesnt seem to be realsitic to have slave accounts with 20k followers running that only repost pictures from only 1 of your customers…

I rip photos and make a bank then repost onto slaves

Well, that answers the quesiton if youre reposting from other profiles directly.
But what is the strategy youre following with those accounts? Do you rip photos from many different accounts in the same niche?

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Yes this exactly


You can read my guide :slight_smile:


Slaves look like a normal quote account
.7k to 149k in size with 80k average size

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