How to raise ER in your account

Thanks @Alexnvo for sharing this knowledge.

How do your slave accounts look like? You mentioned that they are all growing by themselves, so I guess its not the simple “fanaccount” structure where you repost the content of your main account only.

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Is there a scheme you follow with your slave accounts? I mean what exactly is your strategy there? Do you have accounts that repost post from other influencers (including the posts of your customers, but not only them) or how do you build those slave accounts?
I’m asking as it doesnt seem to be realsitic to have slave accounts with 20k followers running that only repost pictures from only 1 of your customers…

I rip photos and make a bank then repost onto slaves

Well, that answers the quesiton if youre reposting from other profiles directly.
But what is the strategy youre following with those accounts? Do you rip photos from many different accounts in the same niche?

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Yes this exactly


You can read my guide :slight_smile:


Slaves look like a normal quote account
.7k to 149k in size with 80k average size

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Thats impressive.
And from there you do what do drive the slave account traffic to your main account?
Do you send DMs only or do you use tags in posts as well?
I guess that putting links into the bios of those slave accounts doesnt make that much sense as you probably use one slave account for more than one main/client account, right?

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They are shoutout vehicles for a target account.
In the last I used them to grow to over 100k
Stopped that shouted out until 25k for an account. Now I just shoutout until 3-4k (takes about 2 days and stop, from there the account grows on its own because I make sure ER always surpasses 150-200 percent -’ a 1k account of mine might have 2-3k of likes first 4 posts. At that stage I back off promotions because it has enough to grow on its own quite well. These numbers are not made up as a few here witnessed them


So for that slave account, you didn’t do any actions except posting plus having big accounts like the slave’s post? Also, by “promotions” do you mean paying to promote your accounts through IG?


no, promote my mains with shoutouts from other accounts

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How do you get shoutouts? Do you get them by dming other accs similar to your niche or is there a specific place to purchase shoutouts?

I was planning on having 50-100 slaves like and comment whenever I post. Would that be helpful to ER if it’s in the 10-15 minute window? Currently have one account doing it so far. Not sure it’s worth setting up the rest.

My other accounts so the shoutouts

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Grow them more and age them first


Thinking exactly the same, slaves liking other content, from same niche and from others and in the middle of that action a “like”, “save”, “share” on mother’s post. (Better if some of the slaves are followers and some not, also the mother should like back to be all more “human”. So now :slight_smile: my rookie question, is Jarvee able to do this? We tried this method with our own bots only. I would like to know your experience. Cheers!

thank you for your threat. I htink its very good point but how do we get that? using child/slave accounts? do the comments have to be long or short ones would also count?

but how can we reach this ER it’s so hard ?

if no slave accounts, then need a good engagement group with the ppl who is willing to like/comment in the beginning of the posts. I wonder where to find this type of private EG.

that is why you start and create your own in now – that way in a year or so – you don’t need them.