How to raise your Trust Score

I’m only going based off of my experience. And from my experience, I can tell you that my account was banned for using a third party bot.

I dont care about the track record of other accounts.

I got AC like 7 times from manual U/UF last 3 months. Hashtags have been hit miss. It’s not like I’m completely shadow banned because some days hashtags work great then they stop working then they work again. My reach from not following for my posts past week were 2%, 63%, 9%, 77%, 61%, 8%, 12% etc. It’s all over the place. I post once a day at exactly the same time when my audience is most active. When from non following % are single digits, I also notice I get almost twice as many impression from home (in absolute number) than when non followings % are 50%+.

Was it Jarvee? Because my experience is only from Jarvee and a custom one.

Nah it was an app I got from the google play store

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Ohh, sorry then I will be more specific, I never experienced an account being banned purely based on using Jarvee, or other proper coded bots.

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I’ve had 1 client banned (I was using FLiker before before June) and it was because he was using official rayban images on his IG - which was used to funnel to his fake sunglasses store. Hustlin’

nice tip, thanks

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that’s a neat idea running an ad to force IG to show your content, like it

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