How to raise your Trust Score

Hey guys I’m new here and I’m glad I discovered this forum because everywhere else just seems to have the same regurgitated garbage advice that simply has not worked for my account(s). So hopefully someone here will have better insights on all of the IG mumbo jumbo.

So here’s the deal with my account:

It’s in the art niche. The anime art niche to be exact. And it was banned for 2 weeks in December of 2018 for violating TOS. I was never given a clear reason for the banning. I can only assume it’s because I was botting likes. (Liking my competitors followers posts with the help of a bot.) After going through the grueling process of getting my banned account back, things have clearly never been the same:

-Pretty low engagement with random spurts of my content going viral out of no where. It’s really REALLY random. Smh

  • Low story views. I was once reaching 800-1k views per story. (Before the Mass looking fiasco) Now I’m lucky if I reach 200 views. And it doesn’t make things any better that more than half of the people viewing my stories do not actually engage whenever I post a story to boost engagement like a poll or an emoji slider. Even if I golightly ask them too. Smh

  • Hashtag reach has been abysmal.
    I’ve been reaching the same 20-30 views with hashtags no matter how many I use or no matter how targeted and relevant they are. I paid a pro to do some hashtag research for me and still…no sauce.

  • It seems like I gain 10-20 new followers a day, depending on how much I manually engage. But those followers seem to dissapear shortly after they follow. In other words they no longer engage with anything I post after they follow. And most of them never unfollow me. They just stay on my followers list.

  • I made a post with the intent of bringing this to the attention of my followers and most (if not all) said: “I’m just not seeing your posts on my timeline.” Or something similar to that.

Plenty people I’ve told my situation to say that I am not shadowbanned

So I can only assume that my account has a severely low trust score. Has anyone ever successfully raised the trust score of an account after it’s been severely lowered?

If so, what types of things were done to fix the issue?

Because seriously, being punished with low engagement for 2 years is simply unfair.

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Lol damn no one responded smh

Tbh yes I’d say that your accounts has a low trust score.

If people follow then unfollow that’s certainly taken into consideration of how the points will be applied - negative for these that follow, not engage and them unfollow.

Hashtags personally I think don’t work as much anymore as there’s hundreds of thousands big competitors that’s paying for the paid ads so respectively they’ll be prioritised to the top of the explore page.

It’s safe to say that story’s too will be difficult to have prioritised with privileges.

My choice of against this is by creating many more accounts.

It’s became the Law Of Averages for me. :+1:

A Lot of accounts used this method:

For Story Views:
If you have Followers that are just not active on your Story but are online - Start a Live Stream.
That will put your account on #1 Position.
I even saw niche accounts do this.
They would just go Live from a different Phone and show a Phone on their Stream, announcing a new post and liking peoples comments.

It will boost your Story views for sure.
Because if they engaged with your Live, it is more likely for them to see your content / your story as well.


you are right people think slave is just a simple method of growth but to be fair it’s the essence of social media that’s why it will never die bcs sm is based on networking between every account so the slaves make us confront instagram and make their algorithm with us instead of against us

to make it simple for me no slaves or own network account then only thing you have to expect to get something is with ads and it’s far less benefic

Ivs tried going live a few times before but my story views have still remained the same. No changes

BTW when following I’d suggest to follow ‘suggested for you’. On J as ‘Follow Suggested Users’

This will build trust score since you’re doing what IG suggests right? :wink:

Plus its very easy for J to follow down through that 1 page of suggested users!


You’re welcome.



What is “J”?

Jarvee. Install it then I’ll edit this comment :+1:

Oh nah lol I’ve had my fare share of botting and in the last few years. I’m never touching another bot again. (Its the reason I was banned in the first place)

I’ve had accounts banned too but what you do is mass create accounts. So, out of let’s say 100 accounts - conservatively 50 will push through with good trust scores and EG etc.

I’ve been doing this for a few months now and slowly but surely accounts filter through with good scores and are able to automate.

Just keep creating and making actions and you’ll see that weekly you’ll lose those accounts that were never good to begin with and the ones that remain begin to grow!

In my current niche (art niche) I don’t think that method would be beneficial to me. I simply can’t see how creating 100 accounts with my art on it would do anything but make things worse for me and my reputation :man_shrugging:t5:

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It doesn’t really work like that. Instagram strategy requires a bit of mental gymnastics.

@Zayarts Welcome to the forum (seeing that you joined 1 day ago).

General speaking you don’t get banned for just using a bot, you might get banned for the behaviour you are executing on that bot. So using Jarvee is perfectly fine and will not put you into an additional risk zone. Just make sure you are keeping it “low” :slight_smile:

Can you tell us more about the account? Maybe show the growth of the last 90 days (per day) and maybe some engagement history (also last 90 days). Just to make sure you do not miss any pattern.

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Focus on different usernames and hashtags for each then choose different locations or source filters so then each account doesn’t conflict with another and then use all tools accordingly. Don’t forget to spintext those comments and dms!

And there you go,

Each account is unique. So effectively 100 different shops!

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I dont believe that.

I was banned last year for violating TOS.
They never gave a reason for it but when you look at their TOS it says that it’s against the rules to use 3rd party apps to help increase engagement that are not in compliance with Instagram.

I believe that Jarvee and other similar bots fall into that category.

Honestly, this is probably why Jarvee/bot users are always in forums like this asking for advice.

I got a 7-days action block 2 weeks ago on my main account. Full manual, just F/U and good quality comments. After the block was lifted my ER was underground. So on sunday morning I opened Explore, found viral content in my niche and just posted it along with a 4 euros Ad.

The paid engagement forced instagram to actually show my content, and once it has gained traction I ended up on Explore myself, going viral. Literally got 10 times my average likes on that post, even turning off that ridiculous ad. Cost me 2.50 total I think.

30-40% of my traffic comes from hashtags now (5 posts since sunday), so I assume trust score was partially recovered.

tl;dr: going viral helped me growing Trust Score and therefore ER.


you mean proxy location ?

That is your choice, but the track record of burned accounts in the range of 6 digits over the years, tells me a different story.

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I doubt that is what he meant :wink: