How to rank facebook comments?

Previously i ranked several comments on big fb pages and in return i got 1000’s of likes within several hours but my method to rank comments were time consuming.

I want to know how to rank your comments everytime i comment on those big pages.

Even though these comments has given me more 500 clicks to my website. But i want to repeat this method constantly. Looking for an expert who could help me for this.

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You can share your method with us, maybe someone will find a way that is less time consuming but still equally effective.

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i am going to edit this now because i want to edit this

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Does that not go against the point of a forum like this? I am not criticising but genuinely asking. I thought MPsocial was put in place to provide a free flow of procedures, techniques and concepts for everybody to learn from each other. Have I misunderstood?


Ok. I am gonna share my method in this thread. But one member is about to not share it publicly. But still i don’t mind helping others. I will share my technique, no problem.

Bro it’s about you skratch my back i will skratch yours. Sharing is caring. Thanks for the reply.

i am going to edit this now because i want to edit this

Mate over the past few days I read only bad post after bad post from you, constantly complaining and never actually helping with anything good.

I think you’re missing the point of a community, sharing and helping each other. If you continue to be here just to leech, complain and give bad advice to others just let me know now so I can close your account as you’re definitely not a good fit for our community… just saying, 1st and only warning…


You da boss. Your forum. Gotcha