How to receive money without showing my name


If I am willing to sell shoutouts to people whom are asking them in DM’s, how can I receive payments from them without them knowing my real name?

I have tried to search everything but I cannot find a solution.


just use bitcoin


That is not solution in my location. I should change it to my country’s currency of which I have to pay tax. So it would be double tax. First for the income and then for the currency change.


Idk too much about this but Tay Lopez says you can open LLC


If you both use Revolut you just need to share the phone number connected to the account.


What’s your country?


Open an llc and then open a PayPal account for it.


Even if you do don’t you have to still use it under your name? I have a few Paypal accounts and I cant remember there being an option to open one without providing your full name.

Bitcoin is the only option for anonymous payments I think.


Can’t you just use cash app or Venmo


You could buy a verified PayPal, but don’t talk about it too much because it’s not really the most legal way.