How To Recover an Account without Email or Phone Number Access

Hey guys, so I found a bunch of old accounts of a pre-apocalypse era on my old mp backup. They had fake emails and random phone numbers linked, nice ER and followers, still alive.

Upon logging in it would require a standard ‘confirm your email to prove it’s you’. Is there any way to recover those accounts? I know the fake emails or last phone numbers attached to the accounts but have no access to them sadly.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Think in most cases you are out of luck. Would look suspicious trying to use photo ID to confirm all if them lol and even then they only bring back a small percentage it seems.

Have you logged into all if them? If not, try logging into it with the same countries ip that it was created in (not blacklisted).

I had a few issues with this with an aged account supplier from marketplace. It would ask for the OG details and not the changed ones. Had to delete some of them, a few I got into by using residential proxies from the same country

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hey, luckily I created all of those accounts in UK where my proxies are based. Most were on UK datacenter proxies too but not all. Got in 5 out of 5 in the test group which is amazing. Didn’t touch the big ones yet tho haha. But better than I expected, so fingers crossed it will go through, if someone has ideas those are welcome!

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Good luck! Hope it works out

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Have the same load of accounts sitting around, i’ve found logging these in on a mobile device some times gives you the option to change the phone number on the first load, on occasion the accounts just login - then change the details etc

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Not quite sure that there is anything much to be done there if IG is looking for verification as soon as you try to login to them… Unfortunately