How To Recover Disabled Facebook Page


My Facebook Page got banned back in 2019 and I am not able to recover it since I don’t know anything about the methods to get it back.

Anyone here knows a working method to appeal for a disabled Facebook page?


Hard task…
What did you do wrong, why the page got disabled?

yes try to share more details, when the page got disabled 2 years ago you did not try to get it back then? you did not try to contact FB support?

You can use this form but you will need your page link, I hope you still have that Page Policy Appeals | Facebook

Well, the name of the page was Hacking News and Tutorials but don’t go with the name. I was just posting tech related stuff on it.

Like USSD codes, notepad tricks, and tips to boost pc performance and all.
I think it was disabled because my page editor posted something related to hacking.

I don’t know the exact reason though. Is there any chance I can get it back?

Thanks for the link. Yes, I do have my page link but when I tried submitting it on the page you’ve shared, it gave me this error.


Is there any other way to appeal?

Yes, I tried sending a couple of mails to Facebook but got no reply in return.

I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do…

Aww, I guess it has something to do with 2 years of getting banned. Facebook makes a lot of changes every year. This year they archived some inactive groups and I’m just not sure if they did the same to the pages which were not submitted an appeal right away.