How to recover my instagram accounts?

Hello guys! The thing is that i wasnt logged to some of my instagram accounts for more than 2 years or so. But i still have original email. I can even connect to it. However when i put an email to intagram account “forgot password”, they say that there is no user with such email, however its 100% email. Also whats interesting as well is that it’s written that a password is incorrect when i try to log in, however once i ask to send an email to recovery my password it gives me an error “user is not found” . So the problem is that an account is still registered and is there, however i can’t get logins to it, because i also don’t remember my usernames… Could anyone help me how to fix that?? Let me know, thank you guys!

It looks like your account has been disabled by Instagram. Can you look for old email from IG in the original email inbox? Maybe they included the account username in the emails. Try searching for “Verify Your Account” email in your inbox. Once you know the username, visit the profile URL on your browser, and see whether the profile still exists or not. If it’s disabled you need to submit the appeal form.

Can you share the Username via PM? I’ll check it for you :slight_smile: