How to recover password of my account

My account is around 6 to 7 year old, but I forget the password of my account. This account is still open in my mobile phone. In PC when I try to recover it gives me only 2 option, email and phone no., but I lost both of the things.
Is there any other way to recover the password.
Your help really appreciated.

I’m afraid not. You will need access to at least one of them.

Maybe it’s easier to try to recover your email password first. Email usually gives you couple of options for password reset:phone, other email, secret question and so on…

Hii @Adnan , I tried to recover email first. But Phone Number is same also recovery email is also lost because it is 10 year old and have no use in past and that’s why I forgot.
What if I tried to change email from inside my account, I haven’t tried that. Is it asks password for confirmation.

If you’re still logged in from your phone I think it’s possible to change the email address first, then you can change the password too.

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From what I know you are right. You can change the email address in the Instagram app on your phone. If the account is still valid there.

IG will send emails to the old email address (only info) and to the new email address with a verify link.

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