How to Reduce PDF File Size Quickly - 6 Best PDF Reducer

When it comes to dealing with PDF (Portable Document Format) files, you should have to optimize PDF files first. Kept in mind that optimization is not only easy to manage but even handy to transfer over certain platforms. Indeed, space and speed are two essential traits to proceed with daily management tasks. Small pdf size is something that not only saves your storage but also works best while sharing via email or other online sources. By the way, a perfect online PDF reducer assists you to reduce pdf file size within no time.

Well, in this informative context, we provided the best PDF file reducers that take less than a minute to reduce pdf files legitimately.


No matter what devices and operating systems you are using to PDF file size decrease, this PDF reducer works best for you. Even the most appealing thing about this PDF size reducer is that it allows you to perform pdf file size compression with three different modes. And, even it lets you process one or a couple of PDFs compression for free of cost without impacting the quality of the compressed file.

Apart from optimizing pdf files, you can be able to merge, split, secure, and unlock PDFs within no time. In simple terms, this web-based application is indicated as the full-fledged source for managing PDF and certain other files transformation. Give an instant try to this PDF file size reducer right now and fetch three different compression levels that include:

  • Extreme (Less Quality and High Compression)

  • Recommended (Good Quality and Good Compression)

  • Less (High Quality and Less Compression)

Well, you can be able to proceed with any one of the above-mentioned compression modes and reduce PDF size respectively.

Why theonlineconverter?

It’s ideal to choose a perfect pdf file compressor tool that quickly proceeds with quality compression and also does not at all impact the layout of the resultant file. This is why the free PDF reducer by is the most preferable tool that takes less than a second to reduce PDF size without any distortion.

  • 100% free pdf file size reducer

  • Quality preservation while shrinking pdf file size

  • Compression process in batch

  • Three different modes for compressing pdfs

  • Easy to use, no daunting steps involved


This PDF reducer is specifically designed to make the pdf reduction process simple and smooth for free of cost. Account this pdf size reducer right now and lets this tool properly optimize your PDF document regarding the compression algorithm. Give a try to this PDF file reducer by GorillaPDF that is loaded with different compression levels for compressing PDFs:

  • Low compression (high PDF quality)

  • Medium compression (standard PDF quality)

  • High compression (printer PDF quality)

  • Very high compression (lowest PDF quality)

The most apparent reason to use this PDF file compressor is that it lets you optimize as many pdf as you want for free.

Why GorillaPDF?

  • Best version of PDF reducer for reducing pdf files within no time

  • No limits for pdf file compression

  • Lets you perform pdf files optimization that are up to 5MB

  • Simple & intuitive interface


This is another best and remarkable PDF reducer that is highly accessible from anywhere. It is packed with a simple and easy-to-follow user interface, which means no specialties are required to reduce pdf size, just browse and upload, and hit the compress button to attain a reduced PDF version.

Moreover, this is referred to as the perfect cloud-based tool that comes with over 50 conversions and editing functions free of cost. You can account for this handy medium for every parameter that is related to Adobe Acrobat PDF, it does not mean at all that it only processes pdf file compression.

Try this PDF compressor to optimize (compress) pdf without disrupting the quality and formatting of the document file. Remember that if you aim to reduce pdf size to over 100MB, then you first have to subscribe to the PRO plan.

Why Hipdf?

  • Smart PDF file compressor with simple user-interface

  • Fully-fledged tool with safe pdf file size compression

  • Plethora of features

  • Works best on all devices and OS

Neevia PDFcompress

Fetch the best PDF reducer right now that is not only easy to use but even also provided you with high-quality results for PDF file compression. It is referred to as a full-fledged pdf shrinker that was specifically created to fulfill the need for PDF file size compression.

When it comes to decreasing PDF size with this tool, it works best for removing unwanted elements from your PDF such as:

  • Bookmarks

  • Thumbnails

  • Forms

  • Annotations and much more

Besides that, this pdf file reducer allows users to adjust the PDF compression for color, mono, and even gray-scale graphics.

Why Neevia PDFcompress?

  • Simple interface that makes pdf compression and reducing easier

  • Free pdf optimization

  • Fetch the full control for the PDF file compression process

PDF Compressor

As the name reveals that this pdf reducer works efficiently for compressing PDF document size. Although it is a pretty old tool, still a well-known pdf size reducer due to its accurate and quality results. Even also it loaded with batch PDF file reduction without reducing the quality.

All you ought to simply download and commence with installing this application on your system to proceed with instant PDF file compression. Once you have done with it, upload the PDF that you want to optimize (reduce) and let this tool do all the remaining in a matter of seconds.

Why PDF Compressor?

  • Just a couple of clicks lets you process with batch PDF file reduction up to 20 files instantaneously

  • Simple UI

  • Simple interface

  • This pdf compressor free lets you process batch PDF file compression up to 20 files at once

  • You can be able to work with thumbnail preview


LightPDF is one of the best PDF reducers that functions lightly to reduce PDF size. The great and most discussed thing about this handy medium is that it provided you with different PDF tools, such as a converter, editor, and compressor.

You just require to upload the pdf document file that you looking for reduce, alternatively, you can make drag and drop it there. Once done, this free-to-use PDF size reducer will automatically commence the compression process. Very next, you simply have to save the reduced PDF file on your preferred system storage.

Why LightPDF?

  • Lets you process pdf compression swiftly

  • The upside is that there is no size or time limits

  • No watermark

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