How to register .com username?

Do you guys know by any chance how to register a username that has an .com ending?
Their user agreements say we are not allowed to do that without their consent.
Technically it’s not even possible, when registering the username is shown as “taken”.

Since they locked down their support mail I don’t know how to get in touch with them.

Not sure how far you will get by attempting to contact them via email due to the large amount of incoming email they must get and short staff due to covid.

There are businesses that can get you these names. You give them the name, they let you know if they can get it, you pay, you get the name.

personally im using .co without problems

He’s asking about registering usernames…

yeah i mean as usernames

No no, I mean he’s talking about a domain that is already registered, and he wants to use the name of the domain for a username.

For example domain ‘’ - he wants username ‘mpsocial’ but it’s been already registered and possibly banned so is not available.

messed up so nevermind, he should try with media portal so

No, I want to register the whole domain as username including “.com”
I’ve contacted the business department of Facebook and Instagram, we’ll see where that goes

Maybe spell out “dotcom” instead?

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a service that can retrieve usernames that are no longer being used, but aren’t available for choosing. Plenty of businesses and brands use this for branding purposes. Have to pay for what you want nowadays, and I don’t believe it’s cheap. You won’t get it by contacting Instagram unless you have someone on the inside. There are multiple threads with people asking similar questions regarding wanting to retrieve a name… IG didn’t seem to care. You need the plug