How to remove 150k fake followers

I managed to make a list of all fake/inactive followers from a clients page. He has about 300k followers with almost half of them being inactive/fake.

What would be the safest way to approach this using Jarvee’s remove followers tool?

you can add those users to the option below then start the block folowers tool and it should work fine after that

What would be a safe amount to do per day?

interested in the answer as well. my client botted his personal months ago and regrets it now

Start slowly, like 50-100 a day. And then increase the limits when you notice that everything goes fine. Also, make sure that you don’t increase the limits suddenly, but do it step-by-step.

Did his account get disabled? Running the block followers tool is safe, the worst thing that ever happened to my account was getting API block. Back then I used to have 200 as the daily limit, now I think you should not block more than 100 users per day.

why even buy the fake followers in the first place if u gonna remove ij the end

He didn’t buy them. Someone was messing with his account a while back and he hasn’t been able to remove them.

It’s better to use the API than the EB?

start a new account. That account is worthless. You cannot make a dead cow give milk.

  1. With current limits on blocking – it would take a lifetime to remove even half.
  2. ER can never be salvaged.

His account is verified and an OG username that he paid well over $10k for. It’s not that easy for him to start a new one.