How to remove all fake likes

hello everyone,

is there a method to remove all fake likes from facebook i got 11k fake likes came on 11SEPT 2016 and i want to remove all of them from my page anyway to do it?


I dont see why you would ever want to remove likes as it would boost your page rank for keywords you use in the page… I dont think there is anyway besides banning them from your page.


Hi Babs thanks for your comment, i would like to delete this fans because they are worthless just number in page

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No problem @Fox
Although they may not be “doing” anything on the page. Those page likers still give the page more authority in the facebook search bar making it EASIER for REAL and engaging people to like and be interested in your page.

I would say its 80 percent a good thing that you have an extra 11k likes. It makes it ALOT easier to snowball with more organic followers if you share your content in other groups and pages and tag people/other pages.

It depends… if he has 15K in total and 11K are fake, that looks bad since engagement will be low :slight_smile:


Is there a way he can easily remove them though? maybe scraping all the followers and blocking right?

Blocking them on facebook page will just make them unable to comment, they’ll still be a fans… At least that was the case when I checked it last time.

Not much he can do except waiting for FB to ban those fake profiles.

Or maybe scrape and report them 1 by 1 :joy:

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Well @fox I would suggest you start redirecting your active page likers on over to a NEW page that has the same feel your current page has and put it in the same niche.

the page is not loading the full list of the likes @Babs i wish i can load it all was going to select all the fake likes and ban or delete them and its easy to find them because all of them have liked the page in same day

Hi @Adnan Thanks for your comment, scrape and banned one by one i will die before get all of them banned :smile:


I know, it’s just a joke. You can’t do much really, just wait till FB bans fake profiles one day.


maybe its difficult to find out fake user