How to remove copyright strike from IG account? NEED YOUR HELP!

Some time ago my IG account received a copyright strike, but eventually, I managed to get in touch with a third party that has reported me and they want to help to remove it from my page.

All information that I have from IG included with that copyright strike is this message:

“If an agreement is reached to restore the reported content, please have the complaining party email us with their consent and include the report number.”

I do have their consent and I do have the report number as well.

That email has come from Instagram noreply@facebookmail

My question is where does Third Party need to reply back with their consent and report number?

You can also send a counter DMCA which could remove the strike possibly.

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@swig thank you for your reply.

PS Hmmm any suggestion when submitting counter DMCA?

Should I mention that I have consent from a Third Party for the usage of that particular content?

Its simple man. If it was taken down automatically from facebook copyright manager then simply ask the third party to give permission to your page from the copyright manager section.

However if they manually reported you to facebook using their copyright link, then simply ask them to reply to the confirmation email that they received from instagram/facebook team. They will sort it out.