How to remove many FB fan page likes?


I have FB page that have lots of inactive fans and I want to remove them. But this is so hard doing manually. Is there a way to remove these FB page likes in bulk?


Haven’t heard of something like that because no one really needed it. Let me ask you something though, how can you remove them in bulk, how are you going to know which are real followers and which are fake? And why go through this trouble? Just get more real ones and in the end these fake ones will disappear or be less important.

You are right. May be my definition was wrong. I convert through adsense and if I have control over fb fans, I could limit some locations and low quality traffic. I can find the fans who like my page from very low CPM countries with graph search. But if I have to remove them one by one… lol

i used to have same problem 2 years ago and have searched for long time and never found way i think there no way to done it

I think just born new idea for a MP tool :wink:

In Facebook page settings, you have an option Country restrictions, you can choose to “Show your page to users from specific countries” or “Hide page from users from specific countries.”

Just use “Hide page from users from specific countries” and add countries that you want to restrict.

Once you do that, your page will no longer appear on google search.
So for many people this is something to avoid :wink:

I believe that’s what he wants. Hide his page from visitors from countries with low cpc. Although, I would never do this :slight_smile: it’s better to get 0.01 worth click than 0.

I guess when you remove those visitors Adsense give you a higher CPC for the other clicks and I think that’s what @dimax is trying to achieve.