How to remove simple shadow ban?

Hey guys, Some of my accounts been shadow banned for over 10 days (they are resting)
What should I try to remove the shadow ban and how long might it take?


well, that depends on a lot of stuff, but did you try changing IPs and devices from where the account does actions?

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Yes ,also I tried to use good accounts on the ip of the shadowed, and they work fine
How long do you usually wait before account is unghosted?

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well in my case it was over a month, it does take a long time but they the account got unghosted at the end.

Some of my Twitter accounts are suspended (shadowbanned) for months already. To be honest I didn’t try filing the complaint in order to remove the suspension but I think that’s the only way if your accounts are getting the suspended message in the bottom of your browser.

Do you mean the accounts can follow/like, but the target accounts don’t receive notifications? or do you mean they get suspended?

Seeing this issue for quite a lot of users recently - curious, could you revive your accounts?

Simply waitied ,most of them got back to life after around 1 week
But many got suspended when trying to warmup

Good to hear that, you can try much lower setting for your warm ups.

well that’s a good thing is your case 1 week is fast but you shouldn’t use them right away you should have given the accounts 3-4 days rest after getting them back then you can start a very slow warmup

What would be considered slow warmup?

Limit your follow tool to a maximum of 50 follows per day. Start with very low daily limits then gradually increase them.

Are you experiencing shadow bans or pv with such limits?
I’ve run on 20 follows daily before for a week and suddenly plenty of accounts got suspended or ghosted

use other tools as well not just follow unfollow for at least 5 days then you can get back to f/u very slowly