How to repost Instagram Albums And modify them

Hello atl all, someone know a method to repost bulk albums and modify them in bulk? for example, i need to modify just the 3°rd photo of the album, did you know how to do this guys?


Great question.

The closest thing ive got is downloading all the images with a Chrome Extension: ex: InstaG downloader.

However, it doesn’t download all images from the album post. Allows for individual posts from albums

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Got to do this outside of Automation. it does not facilitate such feature nor should it be put in

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Could be an useful stuff that MP team could implement

How so? We never know what the repost might post on single pics let alone albums. They are swamped with fast changes in Instagram api that always changes and are recoding stuff worked days before changes. 10 pictures and anyone of them may not be related to what you want. Then to pick it out, modifying it and posting it… that’s a lot of code that has to be written. There are many features we all want that would be ‘useful’ however many will not use it because there is not a big enough demand for it.

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