How To Repost Instagram Posts

Whoever uses Instagram will agree with me that Instagram is a very addictive social media platform. This is attributed to the love we have for the people we follow who we would love to see how they live their day-to-day life. In fact, some of Instagram users are so loyal that they even go ahead to share what these people have posted.

Sharing a post spreads it so that it can reach many people on Instagram. The possibility of sharing the posts of other Instagram users has actually turn the world into a global village since posts reach every corner of the globe.

Instagram users for a long time had no way to share each other’s posts. However, today, there are a number of ways that one can actually use to share the post. Here are some of the ways:

###Reposting by a Reposting App

Reposting apps are found in the app stores such as Google play store. The commonly used apps for reposting are Insta Repost, Repost and Regram, and Repost for Instagram apps which are free and easy to use.

When using Instagram Repost, the Instagram user should follow these simple steps:

1.Download and install the app. Log into your Instagram account and look for the post you want to share.

2.Tap the 3 gray dots (…) found on the upper right corner of the post on the news feed.

3.Tap the copy share URL on the pop-up menu.

4.Insta Repost launches and gives you the option to repost immediately or save the post to enable you share later.

5.To repost immediately or later, just go back to the Insta Repost app and tap the repost button to share the post on your Instagram account.

Reposting using Insta Repost is that simple. The good thing is that the original user who posted the image or video is credited for their post since their usernames appear on the image or video.

You may also use the Repost and Regram app to share photos and videos on Instagram This app is very easy to use. All you have to do is download the app from app store, install it on your phone and log into your Instagram account through the app. The app will enable you to like and repost posts directly!

###Taking Screenshots and Posting In Your Account

Another simple yet very effective way of sharing Instagram posts is use of screenshots. It is a very convenient way to repost as it takes a very short time to have the image or video you like reposted.

Taking a screenshot is simple, although the criteria for taking the screenshots on an iPhone may differ with that the procedure on Android phone. However, both have user guides that you can read and know how to take the screenshots.

The procedure is easy. Take the screenshot of the post you wish to share on your Instagram account. Log into your account and upload it like any other photo in your phone storage. You may tag the original owner of the post to give credit to their posts.

Now you can repost as much as you can. Enjoy !

PS. how are you doing your reposts, comment below :slight_smile:


Nicely explained :slight_smile: I am sure many people are looking for this!


Cool stuff @NoNewsIsBadNews, i also use regrann in android, have same way to repost like reposting app but if you purchase premium app, you can scheduled it.

Anyone noticing that sources arent getting properly redirected. My main doesnt seem to get used (and redirected) as a source anymore. If i use another child it’s working. I get an error ‘please wait few minutes before you try again’. My source account is properly working, not botted, not banned, not deleted or anything… Odd

Repost app on iOS is sweet too! Same and simple! Thanks for tutorial anyway, many will find it useful!:hugs:

not useful with 100’s of slaves. I need a solution or cause why when you browse the source it’s giving an error yet the source is active, you can follow it without issue, … So somethign with the software’s source redirecting is causing an issue.

don’t use repost tool! – its a pv magnet. use campaign from folders instead. there is a tutorial here somewhere… use search

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@Alexnvo I always thought it was vice versa actually. Could you link me the proper tutorial? No worries, if not i’ll dig for it anyways.

I just noticed that the repost tool works with the source that wasnt found when i ticked off the option (users most recent 12 photos). Why is that? I mean that’s stupid since it doesnt make sense…

early last year I was getting nearly hit every 3-5 days with a p.v. EVERY account and it pissed me off. I started to use folders and they stopped to once every few months.

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I still use Jarvee reposting with 0 issues its very efficient if you’re growing a bunch of similar niche accounts with similar content


From my practice, i only post images scrapped from Instagram, modified and renamed,

Then added to the Campaign in Jarvee, with a big
caption , slightly modified for every posts.

It’s a great idea to repost from the folder @Alexnvo but are you able to switch the captions easily ? Couldn’t find the possibility :egg: :hatching_chick::hatched_chick:

I had a bunch of slave accounts banned using the repost tool like 6 months ago. Never again.

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been ahwile – do spintax first, save then post from folders.

i never had that luxury second half of 2018 – every account p.v. almost daily/weekly. expensive af