How to research instagram competitor in a niche?

Dear all friends,
How can I research Instagram competitor in my niche. I want to find a all of good competitor (a competitor with good engagement in their post) in my niche for research.

Or any tool can help me for this.

Thanks so much.

You can find information and stats through sites like,,

Start with the Instagram search page, and then put the usernames into those sites to find out more about them.


What do you want to research? Growth, Likes?

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I’m myself trying to research using the hashtags and the drop-down arrow which comes next to the message button when you follow anyone on the Instagram.

Rest, I try to use socialblade also for the history of the account of the competition.

Do your best and when you find any good method of yourself, make sure you share that with us too. :slight_smile:

Good Luck. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks, Ian.

Thanks, @MyFocus. I want to find all good content (of good user) for repost wothers credit, engagement with them, follow their follower… especially study whạt they do.

Many thanks @adidam. Do you have any experience about weightless niche?

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I think you meant weight loss niche?

It is heavily spanned, good only if you make a real authority account, can make you rich if you do White Hat, Bans a lot if reported (BH Accounts)

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Oh, thanks @adidam . I’m a newbie so that I am very weak in choosing the niche

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Everyone is newbie. :slight_smile: