How to respond to "I dont need Social Media, I use Google Ads & Facebook Ads"?

Hi all, short question: :smiley:

it can happen that you may have conversation with a CEO or shop owner who will tell you this:

“It’s interesting that you do Instagram Account Management and that you can generate more followers for me. But I can choose the region and the interests also when I book a Google Ad / Facebook Ad / Instagram Ad campaign . So what extra value can you provide?

What could be arguments / replies to this?

Thank you for contributing :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Ads = lead generation
Account management = generating targeted followers

Just learn about ads and offer to manage their ads as well.


Thank you, Felix / @grown :slightly_smiling_face: , good answer, definitely! :slightly_smiling_face: And in case someone is not doing Google Ads or getting bad results, this would be definitely a great “upsell”.

What would you answer if someone is already spending money :money_with_wings: on Google /FB/ IG Ads and is happy with it, but he isnt convinced of “IG Account Management” (to get regional followers for his shop)?

Is this example the account has less than 750 followers, so IMO he could definitely need (my) help :wink:

Thank you for your answer / sharing your experience :smiley:

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The best clients in my opinion are the ones that know what you will be doing, but don’t have the time to do it themselves.

So it still stands, just offer them to take over their ad optimisation as well.

Also when trying to sell your service focus on the ‘social proof’ aspect. More trust/social proof = more sales.

Also scaring them with their ‘weak social presence’ can help


None. Move on to the next one. The time you need to convince this kind of customers, you can spend on getting 2 new clients. This kind of customers are a pain in the if they give you a chance. They will be complaining about everything…


^^ Any client that requires any sort of in depth explanation isn’t worth my time and effort. I had a guy go out of his way to email my current clients asking for a reference. I didn’t want to deal with the hassle I knew he would be, so I blocked him and moved on.


It doesn’t really matter if this client will be a good customer or not. The essence of the question from OP (at least I think :slight_smile: ) is to know how to best respond to questions like this whenever you’re on the phone (or in a mail/chat conversation) with someone. And to be honest, clients are in their full right to ask that question :slight_smile: IMHO, it just comes over as very unprofessional when you don’t have an answer to it.

And even if they might not be the ideal fit for you as a client, they might have connections who are. Or they might follow you up on the offer months from now because ads have become too expensive.

There are a multiple options, to reply. But first of all, acknowledge the remark. Tell them they’re absolutely right to be ask that question (gives them a sense that they’re right / ‘the boss’).

Then, here are a few replies I generally use:

  • Growing your social media accounts increases awareness, exposure and reach. This in turn generates demand. Which is when you’ll see your site traffic (and sales) increase.
  • Having a formidable online presence adds authority to your brand. Making it easier to sell.
  • Increasing your social exposure is a part that helps increase search traffic for your brand/product. This in turn helps your adwords campaign reach more people (because more search traffic = more ads shown)
  • ads are always increasing in price: you need to keep outbidding competitors, optimize your landing pages, change imagery & text,… With XYZ management you’re set for a fixed price per month and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

A more ‘funny’ one: people use ad blockers so your display ads won’t be shown to them (aka: remarketing won’t work as well). This is an organic way of creating demand.


It might be rude as fuck, but this is how I’ve started looking at things. If people continue to waste my time and then flake on me, they’re not worth even knowing I exist. There will never be any goodwill going forward no matter what, so blocked and gone is what I now do, even though it’s rude and probably unnecessary.

Example: Last week a model got in touch for photos, wasted a good week of communication back and forth only to reject the cheapest and simplest option for “something even simpler” which then became no response at all. So I blocked her, flagged her email as spam, and never want to waste my time with people like this again. If spending $15 for photos is too much for you? GTFO of my life.


It’s not 100% up to you to educate them that organic presence works alongside paid endorsements (ads).

Paid= quick turnaround and can see ROI

Organic= long term health of brand, builds awareness and connection with audience = becomes an asset

Best case scenario is using BOTH to build a tangible asset they actually own like an email list.

Paid ads can disappear overnight or become extremely expensive at the hands of Google / FB/ the platform their using. They’re at their mercy.

Plus, if there’s new requirements to adjust their ads or website policies… It leads to additional time to get back on their feet to adjust.


Your best option here is to include Ads Management in the package and handle their marketing side fully.
Most owners people are pretty bad at Ads, unless they’re already outsourcing it.

Anyone doing Instagram Management should be half decent at managing ads anyway.

Don’t do this. This is basically a lie considering how much harder it gets to get organic exposure every time Facebook needs to please their investors.
Having someone managing your Instagram doesn’t save you from having to optimize landing pages, changing your creative, etc.
Instagram organic reach has 10x in price in the last 5 years, if not more.


I think its paid vs unpaid. You have ot understand the promotion/ad fee structure. It’s high, and incredibly expensive when it’s ultra targeted.

Thats a first value: you’re saving the owner money.

Secondly, I think is the ROI of organic traffic vs. paid traffic. If you are engaging clients that are doing paid promotions, im assuming you’re B2B. I challenge you to think, how can i prove my service has ROI for a business. Recognize that a growth in followers or engagement is not a good metric for that purpose, and work your way from there.

I think it’s what divides managers who do B2C and managers who do B2B.

Don’t ask me for the answer, cause I don’t know it fully. We’re going into restaurant account management next month, and working with a client free of charge right now, to understand what metrics we can pick up and how.

I would also recommend for these high values, you don’t only grow. You provide external features competitors shy away from.

Hope that helps!


Thank you, guys, for your help & your opinion!!

I will make a list with your arguments @ the weekend, it may help all of us one day.

One argument for our services could be also:

When we gain a follower for a client,

  • we can send him a DM that will be get straight to the inbox (not to the REQUEST FOLDER) - with a special offer or any nice message
  • we can interact with this follower over and over again (story-viewing, likes, comments…). This means he may see the brand name / account name repeatedly what increases the brand awareness. The repeated interactions (together with great content) will also increase the popularity / sympathy / trust / rapport for the brand.

Google Ads / Facebook Ads need to be displayed to increase brand awareness. And usually, people “notice” it as advertisement, so they maybe don’t click on it (if you book a “cost-per-click”-campaign (CPCs), displaying the ad dont cause costs for you, but CPCs are more expensive). Ads can be nice and can trigger people to buy something, yes. But the question is: will it really increase the “rapport” for your brand in the same way as repeated interactions (likes…)?!

The answer to this is not easy and there is no study for that. But if we all believe that Google Ads / Facebook Ads are better than our service, then we all are sitting on a “dead horse” :horse: (meaning: our commplete business idea would be really bad and we would sell shit, and I dont believe that we do that. At least not all of us :wink: ).


I think you could say that it’s Social Proof and this is very important!

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I don’t know how relevant this would be, but we create a content for social media (mainly video campaigns) for a few big brands in their respective fields. They have their own social media managers, ads managers etc. and when it comes to advertisement with big logos, superstars and product in your face - we don’t even touch this.

What we deal with are social campaigns with a very subtle product placement where a viewer isn’t even aware that he is watching an advert.

Google and Facebook ads is very “in your face”, what we are doing is building a trust and relationship in between a brand and their customer.

Maybe try to explain this to them (if it’s worth your time)?

I think all the answers here are valid but… if you are talking to the business owner then they are interested in time and money, not details.

  1. Show how your service can increase the business owners revenue. Quantify that gain over his existing methods.
  2. show how much time the business owner will save allowing him to concentrate on his core business of selling things…

If this approach does not work then they are time wasters who think they know more than you, move on to a better customer.

Just my opinion, hope it answers the original question and helps.

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In my opinion, I wouldn’t waste energy on those folks. There’s so much endless potential out there for clients. When blocks and issues occur, those are the very clients to give you problems. It’s just much better to deal with people who already get it, understand the importance of what you’re offering but they also know they don’t have the time or resources to do this well on their own. Also, it’s better to invest in relationships in getting to know your best clients - those are the ones most likely to refer other great clients.