How to revert email change?

Hi guys,
I recently changed the email on one of my IG accounts and i want to revert the changes.
I have the “revert email change” link on my previous email,but it doesn’t work.
Is this process broken on IG side or am i missing something?
Any help is apreciated.
thank you!

Hey there. Not sure what you cant change but if you change email few times it brakes previous “revert change” link. Did someone else change it again? Can you still acces to IG account?

The email only changed once,and the “revert change” link doesn’t work…
I also “like” how there is no real way to get any customer help with issues like his…

I see. You just have to be patiance with these things. You cant expect just to finish it immidatly. IG is strict if your login credentials not match to prevent hackers just take over your account like that. Go slowly with every step. read before click yes or contionue. You might overlooked something. I suggest writing few emails ti IG asking for help. Just be persistence you will get it back. I wish we have a live chat so i can help more with the issue and guide you better.