[HOW TO] Revive Engagement on a Repost page

Doesn’t it really damage the account? I’ve never used them

They weren’t a 2 months ago but now I’m not using them yet cause the one i was using is stopped

if you can find good auto likes that will actually give you that ammount of likes in that time period sure but 99% of those services wont work properly

nah i;ve grown an 90k page with using panel likes to get the momentum going , atm im just posting and gaining 200-300 followers per day with just viral content and hashtags

I was when i was using them

well if they work for you thats great , but i prefer doing them manually

Have you tried running giveaways to revamp engagement [STEP BY STEP GUIDE] How to Increase Engagement & Make Money on Instagram

I do it for my accounts when I don’t have a good idea of viral post :joy:, this working but is better to wait few weeks/months so people won’t remember this post

On your phone or whatever you browse with download 5 or more post a day. Keep them near …repost if you want. Do that for a period of many months. After a while say 6 months or so you have enough material for daily postings of viral stuff. Posts those and your account If decently active as a rule grow automatically.

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