[HOW TO] Revive Engagement on a Repost page

Engagement Tips for a repost acc :fire:
If you’re engagement goes down and at some
Point you had some viral videos/pics going mad , i would suggest to archive them and just repost them again whenever your account is not performing, also use the same caption and CTA + the same hashtags. If your post in the first place went viral with the help of FG or Snt i would suggest using some panels to boost it in the first hours or just use your own network and spread the likes in time period of 2-3 hours + . You can do the last part with j@rv33 global tools or if you dont have that many accounts team up with someone.


These are some pretty viral posts. Have you used any powerlikes to boost them or really just normal panel likes/views?

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FG and some of them just went viral by themselfs lol

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What does FG stand for? Fuel gram?

Really ? Do you use panels to get engagement don’t you think it’s not wirth as it kills your account ?

I once bought an account I had no idea how to run. I did exactly this lol. But it didn’t last long so i sold it off then.

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yup Fuelgram / 13 characters

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if you use drip feed and slow settings it will work

Of course it will work but how about after it ? Instagram just hate those lanel tye second ylu will add them to your posts you gonna get bombarded by Shadow ban and restrictions in the reach low engagement…

Is Fuelgram working now?

Is hashtags works for you guys it’s going like mad i got only 3 or 4 from hashtags olso I’m not shadowbanned

Im not getting many impressions, maybe 100 or so. Not sure whats happening but i’m going to experiment with different tags and see how it goes.

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No, they are closed for like 2 months already.

Justanotherpanel sells Automatic Power Likes

Maybe this would be useful to gain likes from big pages to help push post to explore page & top hashtag section?

What panels are you using ?

Never had any of those issues if done correctly

Tupandas qe charaaaaaa

I use tupandas i dont recommend jap or smmlite

No … 13 characters

So is that good to order auto likes or it may stop as they wrote in the description.