How to run an account in software while being logged in on another device

To all people who run client management or sell shoutouts: how can you run an account through automation software and at the same time be logged in via another device (to send DMs and so on) without creating a red flag on Instagram?

I just do that, try to use proxy that are in a location similar to the user account, maybe, if you want the account to be very safe, should be better if you don’t do action while the user is logged, but most people still do it without much problem. Since those are clients use only good proxy. better spend some more bucks on quality that losing a client, manging complaints and have a bad rep.

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Okay, thank you
I have quality proxies but they are based in Asia.
But as many people are using the services of VAs in Asia nowadays, can it work then? In case of the impression real human using the accounts