How to run multiple (2-10x) high quality IG accounts, with static residential proxies for team access worldwide?

Want to run up to 10x high quality IG accounts. They’re used for a business. There’s no spam, no automations, no mass likes or follow/unfollow. Just posting high quality content and engaging with followers.

Now, I need a team for each account, meaning someone responsible for the posts, someone responsible for messaging, etc.

Basically people need to access the accounts from anywhere in the world.

What I’m thinking:

  1. gologin with static residential proxy, one per account.
  2. only one person logged in to account at a time. this works with gologin profiles (they’re limited to 1 user access)

What I need help with:

  1. What’s the safest way to create these accounts? Should I buy some aged ones and rebrand them? I need them to be as high quality as possible. Ideally with minimal messaging limits (ie, you can message 100 of your followers a day before being stopped, on a poor quality account… higher with higher quality account)

  2. I have all the content. Should it be replicated per account, or should I post different pictures on different accounts so IG doesn’t link them?

  3. Gologin mimics a desktop only. I think it’s extremely suspicious for IG if an account is only used from desktop via the website. How do I emulate phone access to the accounts? I tried bluestacks and nox player, but neither support proxies…

Thanks guys for any help.

You can use 1 IG account on more than 1 phone… Some time ago I had a new client for IG growth. A restaurant where 9 employees had the account on their phone. Problems only started when I started automating the account…

If something works in a simple way, I wouldn’t make it complicated.


My employees aren’t in one place. We’re worldwide, so it has to be accessed through one high quality residential proxy.

Can you substantiate that? So I mean the assumption that you have to do complicated things because you don’t all live in the same place?


Adding commentary for emphasis. Read what you originally asked for help with OP and follow the quote I grabbed. At least, if you want the fewest headaches. You don’t need a complicated setup to run a smooth operation; overdoing the cloaking/setup will raise more flags than keeping it simple.

As far as safety & quality for creating accounts, create them on your phone. If you have an iDevice, even better.

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That is a really tricky question. Buying aged accounts puts you at the risk of an account takeover. So depending on how serious the business is - and the brand image it is representing - this might not be an option. Never forget those two things:

  1. An account seller can always recover the account
  2. A proxy provider can always take control over your account

You should give the best effort you can to not link those accounts. Posting at the same time, similar content, same links, poor spin syntax… all of those things make it possible to link your accounts. Keep that in mind when you give those tasks to someone not skilled.


Couldn’t you go super legitimate and set up like an agency using FB Busines Manager?

  1. Create the pages normally, using whichever proxies you want.
  2. Make each IG page into a business page, with a corresponding FB page.
  3. Add the people/employees to your Business Manager:
    Add People to Your Business Manager | Facebook Business Help Center
  4. Assign them all access to all the pages:
    Add people to assets in Business Manager | Facebook Business Help Center
  5. Then FB will expect them to log in, no matter where they are.

Or am I missing something?

I have VAs from various parts of the world who need to access the same account. I can’t just give them credentials and say “okay go log in.” From IG’s point of view, all the logins should be coming from the same location, same device, etc. Which is why the setup is multilogin+proxy.

Nah that’s for FB. These are separate IG accounts.

Thanks man. Appreciate this.

So Jarvee can be used to mimic iOS or android access to the each account, configured with the right proxy?


Account A = Proxy A (san diego)
Account B = Proxy B (amsterdam)

to access account A: multilogin is set up with proxy a (san diego). team member 1 from germany uses MLA to log in and perform work. They log out. team member 2 from canada uses MLA to log in and perform work.

to mimic mobile app use on account: I use jarvee, set up account A with proxy A (san diego) and just log in using jarvee and perform some very very basic actions like liking a few posts or whatever. From IG’s eyes, this is a device in san diego logging into the account and using it on their phone

Yes, but you are the fingerprint, your tactics, your approach.

Those are really too many unsubstantiated assumptions.

IG accounts are classed as assets on FB Business Manager, so they can be assigned to different employees within an agency quite easily.

I’ve not tried it across that many accounts and VAs, but it might be worth experimenting with on some throwaway accounts for ease of use in future - FB BM is free and as white hat as they come.