How to safely grow IG with automation?

Please help me clear things out as im newbie and been reading allover trying to put the pieces together…

so far never used automation for building my IG accs… and i have only 5 of them including my own personal profile, biggest is 10K organic… they where all used on same IP and phone/number in my country… some switched to business recently.

Now few days ago created new niche acc from same IP on my phone and it has a website link in bio that is whitehat, and plan is to promote that site with DMs while growing… and hopefully dont get banned in first day…or ever…

Here are some questions i have:

How to safely start automate following/like/comment and DM…dont plan large numbers in start… whats realistic per day 1/10/50/100 follows and DMs?

can i use trial versions of different paid bot tools every couple of days until i find which one works for me or thats risky and can cause ban?

If signing ups to these desktop browser bot tools do i need to use proxy (dont have) or vpn (i have) or can i log from my IP straight?

If i get banned for this new account can it affect my old accounts since they where connected?

If needed to phone verify this new account, should i do that with my own number or should i get a new SIM card number?

Do i automate DMs to only send to people that follow me or i can DM immediately after i follow/like/comment?

Is it better to just buy aged IG account and start automation from there and is then buying proxy mandatory?

If aged acc needs verification, can SIM from my own country be used?

Start with 20-50 follows per day and increase by 20-50 every day until you reach 500.

Yes, Jarvee has a free trial. There are alternatives too, but the only other one I tried myself is Tooligram which i’m not sure is fully safe.

You don’t need a proxy if you are going to run automation for 1 account.

Aged accounts are safer to use, yes. However, I would be cautious with buying accounts so you don’t get scammed.

I’m not sure about your other question so I left then unanswered.