How to safely log in to multiple different Facebook accounts in a browser?

Hi there,
I am in need of help for safely logging in to many different purchased Facebook accounts manually in a browser before importing into software. I believe that many people on here must be aware of methods to do this and if you are willing to share on here or PM then I will appreciate this so much. At the moment, I am burning through money experimenting and having account verification blocks.
The methods I have used so far have included Firefox browser with extensions and privacy tweaks and Multiloginapp, 1 proxy per account. I am also using MassProxy proxies and 5+ years old Facebook PVA accounts.

Thank you so much in advance for any help.

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You could use foxyproxy its a plugin for firefox for switching between multiple proxies and Ccleaner to wipe all the cache&cookie stuff. Thats really all you should need.


BPproxy Switcher will wipe and clear caches etc without the need to run CCleaner.


Normally I use different proxies and incognito mode. When I want to switch accounts I close the incognito window and then open a new instance.


Thanks everyone for the responses as this gives me more confidence in my methods.
I have come to the conclusion that the issue with my poor success rate is due to my proxy provider because I have been using all the listed methods and even software like Multiloginapp and aged accounts from a reputable seller and have still had verification issues.
I am using MassProxy, a budget provider at $0.30/proxy because they’re limited to social media, but I’ve had someone else say they had the same problem with this provider, changed provider and overnight they had no more problems. So I think this is the solution.
It’s good to know from others that my method has been fine and that I have narrowed down the real problem.
Thanks everybody!

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I’m still experiencing issues so I would really appreciate some general 101 advice now regarding how to get accounts up and running, including which type to buy and how to avoid verification or overcome if needed. I am using them for not-for-profit charity purposes and I simply can’t afford to blow money and time on this experimenting. Any help would be amazing.

So far I’ve been buying Facebook PVA either aged or fresh and either way a number of them have immediate verification issues, typically photo verification required but some mobile verification required. I am purchasing accounts from and, and using MassProxy proxies and as of recently also BlazingSEO proxies.

If anybody is willing to give me some more elaborated advice to just get me to the starting point of being able to have some accounts that work without getting verification when I put them in a browser then I would appreciate this so much. I won’t be using them for spam or monetization purposes so they don’t even need to be anything special! Just moderate use, so I’m sure that people who are mastering using them to make money would know how to get some real basic accounts working.
Thanks kindly everyone.

Why isn’t anyone here just suggesting using Facebook Business Manager?

It’s designed for this… I’m logged into dozens of accounts constantly from the same machine.

Unless you mean personal profile accounts. I didn’t read all the shit written here or even OP tbh.


Hahaha… You need to relax man, it’s weekand…