How To Safely Transfer Account To Another Proxies

Hye Guys…i’m planning to change my proxies… can anyone suggest the safest way to login the account on a new proxies? all proxies are form the same country

i just change them in mp. When they are from same country you can be lucky to not have to verify. but normally you have to reverify by email.

thanks mate… will proceed to change it…

just try with a couple at first and see if you encounter problems, leave them running like that for a day, if everything is fine move the rest.

Although I rarely change proxies, when I do, I simply do it as @dma0245 described.

Sometimes you’ll be asksd to confirm that was you who’s trying to login from new IP or to do email/phone verification, sometimes not.

@Adnan, that is awesome. which provider are you using ?

I’m using our recommended proxies:

If you are going to transfer proxies, what I’ve found is the best way is to stop all services for 1-3 days depending on how far the proxy location is. If you use a proxy located in california, then switch to east coast, 1-2 days should be fine 3 is safer. (That way Instagram just assumes you’ve moved locations).

Note: I’ve had my personal and private (no botting at all, ever) account needed to verify just by switching from wifi to cell data, although I was in another country and had previously used the cell data. Sometimes it just is Instagram being paranoid.