How to See EXACT Time an Instagram Post was Made

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I’ve recently had reason to find the exact time a post was made by someone on multiple days without having to come back each day to check what time they posted. After 24 hours Instagram just shows when things were posted in terms of “days”. Here is the way around that:

1) Navigate to the IG post you are interested in using a browser

2) Highlight and right click on the date/time, and select "inspect"

This should open the page source where you will see something like this:

3) Locate the time stamp in the tag as a “datetime” element. (highlighted in this example)

IG displays the time in the page source as the ISO 8601 time: 2018-01-08T21:33:42:000Z

4) Use a UNIX time stamp converter like and convert from the ISO 8601 time to RFC 2822 time in your local time zone to translate this time into something more readable.

The exact posting time for this particular post was: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 15:33:42 CST (-06:00)

Hope this helps and you all can find some unique ways to utilize this for market research :wink:

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You can also add “?__a=1” at end of link of photo to get json info.
Like so:
Then ctrl+f “taken_at_timestamp”, and use Unix time stamp converter above, to get time of posting.
Useful for PHP programs, scripts, etc.
Here is little PHP script i did:


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Hey, does anyone know a way to find the timestamp of stories?

And can somebody tell me how to check the exact time a post was edited on inatagram?

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