How to see profiles followers in chronological order


Is there anyway to see a profiles followers in chronological order?

Instagram recently changed this when viewing a profiles followers.

I was wondering if there was a tool or software that allowed us to see their followers from earliest to latest?

Thank you very much.

I don’t really view my followers anymore on the app and I just noticed that there’s no longer the sort earliest to latest option (though it stayed for the followings). Not sure as well if this is correct but I noticed for one of my accounts that when I viewed the followers via desktop, it was sorted from latest to earliest. Can you check on your end too?

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Hi. thanks for the reply. I only have 2 accounts and they’re both the same on desktop too. Not in order.

sharing the view I see on my end, I just matched it with the recent activities… not sure as well of other methods you can use though…

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