How to sell couple of accounts safely

Hi, my first post here but I’ve been using the MP software and been active on other forums for a while now. I’m planning on getting rid of two accounts I no longer want to grow (I have found a few potential buyers on bhw) but if I sell the accounts, do I just have to hope they don’t dispute the charge on paypal? In a perfect scenario, I’d like to use a trusted middleman but I haven’t been able to find a forum that provides this. I just want a clean transaction. I would appreciate any advice or experiences.

Disclaimer: I’m not selling anything here, just looking for advice.


Pretty much yeah. I’d use bitcoin because it’s pretty straightforward, maybe google some sites that sell shoutouts to see if they have an account selling service, or check out for online sales. Haven’t used it for selling but have for buying :slight_smile:

That’s unfortunate. Bitcoin sounds good from my end but I’m not sure if buyers would use that with me having no reputation selling accounts. I’ve heard of but I wasn’t aware you could sell IG accounts on there, is it similar to fameswap? btw thanks for the helpful advice.

If they send payment “for family/firend” can be disputed?

No you can’t dispute that, which is why most buyers refuse to send money that way. That would be the most ideal way but I think from the buyers side, they’re worried that you recover the account (not sure how you would after they change all the info as I’ve never had to do that) but that’s what I’ve read.

Try to speak with a 3rd persond in this case, it is more easy. If you give him the mail from account, you can’t recover it, it is very easy.

By 3rd person do you mean a middleman?

Just here to correct you. Yes, it is possible to dispute payments that were sent “for family/friend”. Its also possible to dispute any single transaction made my a credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.

Its called unauthorized disputes (aka charge backs). Not only would the buyer get their money back, you will also have to pay a charge back fee which is around $20.

The process is simple. The buyer will claim that someone hacked their paypal account or bank account, or stole your credit card information. The buyer then state there are some charges that you did not make. BOOM they hold the money, and do an investigation. If the buyer knows what they are doing (most scammers do), they can easily make it look like their account was indeed hacked, which provides sufficient evidence to PayPal or the Bank and thus they favor the buyer.

Sending money as friend/family will only protect the seller in case of other disputes other than unauthorized disputes.

With all that being said, I am working on a buy/sell website to sell or buy Instagram accounts safely.

  • Every account will be inspected to ensure they have not purchased fake followers and or engagement.

  • Every account will be inspected to ensure it includes the creation email.

  • Every account will have the true engagement rate shown

  • Every account will have the growth rate of the account including projections for future months.

  • Each account will receive a BrandonBerner score out of 10.

  • Each buyer will be reviewed before being able to purchase an account from a seller

  • I will implement a method that works perfectly to prevent unauthorized chargebacks.

  • I will then take a percentage of sale price. :smiley:


If you want to sell your account, it would be best to sell it locally using craigslist or a buy/sell website and take cash as a payment.

To protect yourself you can assign a different email to the account which you provide to the buyer. This will allow you to recover the account if the buyer opens a dispute. After a month when you think the buyer was safe, you can provide him with the creation email to be honest.

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Wow that’s even more unfortunate. So no way to cover yourself as a seller through paypal pretty much. I have no doubt that site will take off. I’ve seen your knowledgeable answers on at least a dozen threads here so I’m sure you’ll make that happen. Is your site going to be entering beta any time soon? :slight_smile:

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Is there a market here? (same country as you) I like the idea of not giving them the creation email until the time for the dispute has passed, since I know I’ll be honest in not recovering the account, it’s a safety net for myself.

Exactly. I have previously encountered tons of scams, and have lost so much money and accounts because of it. Since I sold the creation email with the accounts, there was nothing I could do to get it back. The accounts I sold were very high quality, and had amazing engagement rates (150-350% engagement) So in retaliation, I just simply paid for fake followers to follow the account the scammer bought. This caused some accounts to get banned, and other accounts to have a horrible engagement rate making the account useless to the scammer.

Thanks :smiley:

Its going to take a few months if not longer for me to get this new website up and running. I will be starting with a beta test by selling just my own accounts, and if all goes well, I will open it up to users here on the forum to test out. Once everything is running smoothly I will then make it public. I already have a few hundred social media account ready to promote this website when it launches.


Check & they are both available in Canada.

Exactly. As long as your honest and give them the creation email after 30 days or so, then its fair. You have to protect yourself somewhere otherwise you would loose more than you make. Customers would not be happy to know you are not providing the creation email, so I would advise (even though its morally wrong) to lie and say it does include the creation email. Then when you do send them the real creation email, explain to them why you did not send them the creation email right away.

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Awesome! I can’t wait to see the website!
I can assign only one email address per account on IG.
Can I assign a new email address to IG after signing up and still access the account using the email I used to sign up?..

Also wondering which makes more sense - keep growing accounts and sell shoutouts and/or products VS selling the accounts?


If you create an IG account with Email #1 then assign Email #2 to the account, you cant access your IG account using Email #1, however you can use Email #1 to recover the account.

On the website, I will have two sections (probably)

  • Those that are selling accounts with the creation email
  • Those that are selling accounts without the creation email

There will be many warnings for those wanting to bu accounts without the creation email, and you will not be able to charge as much. It would be wise to only sell accounts on the website with the creation email.

It depends on your sales strategy.

  • Would you prefer to spend your time creating accounts and getting a one time payment for the account then repeat the process over and over again?


  • Would you prefer to make residual income every month by keeping the accounts and renting shoutouts, and other promotional features your accounts can offer?
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