How to sell on other platforms via Affiliate program?

Hi, suppose I designed a shirt in teespring. For example: and I wanna sell via teespring but hire affiliates in shopify to promote it so that affiliates can track the no. of sales and clicks via any shopify affiliate apps

Like this:

Affiliates sends traffic -> People come on shopify landing page -> Gets to teespring and orders there.

But my affiliates can track the sales from teespring in their shopify affiliate dashboard.

Reason is I don’t need any upfront production costs and affiliates can track sales.

What to do and how to setup?

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@socadd Shopify has a bunch of affiliate apps for your store. I used affiliatly. Worked well. Here is a list:

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I can confirm what Brad said above, try that and see how it goes.

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Affirming the above messages so you follow through OP.
Well wishes on your journey!

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Basically, you’re saying you need a cross affiliate system. It doesn’t really work this kind of setup, unless Teespring has some sort of integration that you can use with third parties (shopify).

Let me tell you why.

When you use affiliate marketing, your affiliates (or the system you use) needs to track sales.

Given your setup, the affiliate tracking will stop at Shopify (because this is the domain/pages your affiliates send traffic and most likely this is where the affiliate system will be setup).

But, once you send your customers to Teespring, the transaction will happen on the Teespring end.

So how will Shopify (and the affiliate system) know what/when and who made a purchase?

And most important: to whom (to which affiliate) is this sale going to be attributed.

For an affiliate system to work, you need to both register/allocate the traffic and to attribute sales to your traffic sources.