How to send Mass comments related to hashtag?

Hello I recently saw some people do mass comments on related IG posts.
For example when a musican post music (uses certain hashtags), bot accounts will comment is like: ''Post your Music on @USERNAME ‘’ and different variations of it.

What do they use? Phantombuster? Jarvee?

Would love to scrape posts by hashtags and then auto-comment them with a few IG accounts. Like 20 comments/day per account easily and maybe do 200 comments per day in total.

You can use comment tool in Jarvee to comment on users most recent posts. You can just add the usernames of the target accounts.

Same for hashtags.

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Ok what type of Instagram accounts do I need? Aged? I mean, can I use them only for commenting?

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I think you can do it with every account. You just should do proper warm up. Aged accounts may last longer in the long run but if you stay within your limits, every account will do the work.

And yes you can also do commenting only.

I think they are using a panel but not sure which panel has it. It is a cool service.

I only findmentions, that u can buy from a panel. Mentions to 1 post. But a big risk of getting banned/shadowbanned

I want to let post 100-1000 commets per day from many IG accounts to the sources I provide (hashtags, user lists etc)

I only have ipv4 proxies (because of my twitter accs)…could I use them with a handful of instagram accounts? Because I heard that I need other proxies than these…


I only want to use aged IG and do 20 comments per accounts per day.

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Yup, you can use those proxies for IG as well but you need to make sure that they’re eligible for IG as well.