How to send personalized emails with jarvee

Hey guys , i m trying to send emails from gmail accounts with Jarvee. When i go to Publishing → Add publishing campgain → What to Publish , how do i personalize email message so i send unique personalized emails? By personalized emails i mean how do i include each individual’s Instagram username in email template? I tried to “add token”, but it didnt work.

In social profiles, when you add “email account”, then go to “pages” and then i import excel file with Name and Email columns, in the “Name” column it’s email address, so how can i actually personalize my email template with username for each unique email?

Let me know! Thank you!

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Did not know jarvee did emails. Following

Please be advised that we do not support sending emails via Jarvee. As for the Email account option under Social Profiles, we use that for posting to blogs only. You can learn more about it via How to publish a post to your blogs via Jarvee - Jarvee