How to send PM to FB without being on a Messenger request/Spam messages

Newbie here. Any suggestions on how can I be able to send messages in FB messenger not being put in message requests or spam messages of the recipient?

It is my problem when I am replying to FB groups and sending PM to them, they don’t receive my messages, it just goes to their message requests or spam messages.

Is there any tool I could use? Thanks in advance for your responses.


you have to be friends with those users to be able to do that otherwise I don’t know if there is a way to send a DM to a random user without showing it as a request message.

You need to add the group members as friends first, then send them PMs. Those tasks can be automated easily using Jarvee Contact tool.

Jarvee’s Contact tool can help you to automate sending Friend requests to members of a particular group and then once users accept your request Jarvee will send them messages as well. Check out the tutorial that ossi has sent you to see how to use the tool.

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Hi @ossi thank you for this, is Jarvee contact tool free?

Thank you, @Jaha

Is there any other free tool i could use to send messages on FB?Thanks

no, it’s not free but it will help you manage many accounts at the same time which will allow you to send many DM easily, they have a 5-day free trial that you can use to check the tool and how it works.