How to share on 500 facebook walls

I would like to know how you would share on 500 facebook walls. I plan to share my website with Adsense and other networks. How would you put settings on campaigns because IF you do it blank shares same 2-3links you will get all banned with ID.

Thank you for your help.

You can enter your caption with a spin syntax format. In the share tab, after you click the ADD POST, a small window with a text field should popup where you can enter your caption for your shares.

Also, we don’t recommend sharing up to 500 times / day using the same link. You can though if you have 50 accounts, each sharing 10 walls per day and you have advance spin syntax for your caption

Is there a cloacking or redirection method ?

For your share post?

For Spintax, this is probably the most comprehensive I’ve read yet…

Yes of course