How to start a Instagram agency

totally new to this site. I am wanting to start working for myself and I am after advice and course recommendations on how to start an Instagram Marketing agency, please.

The primary goal is to fast track business processes/onboarding etc.

Also looking for some IG training material to upskill me.

I have $10k starting capital to inject into the business, I can liquidate some assets for more capital if needed but planning on investing 100% profits back into business for the next 12 months just to grow it.v I will still be working a 9-5 job in the interim but plan on outsourcing 80% of the labour, I initially will handle the onboarding and running of the business.

Advice, course material and possibly mentorship appreciated. I know I am new to the community and I am asking for a lot with little contribution but I always ‘Pay it forward’.

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Maybe not the answer that you searching for, but don’t waste 10k in Instagram man think of another business model or throw max 1k in Instagram not more. :laughing:


First rule.grow your own accounts before you waste money and kill client accounts


@Alexnvo Hi Albert: I have only watched about 10 minutes of your interview with Christian and it is amazing. Thank you for doing that interview. I have been struggling with F/U for over a year and it has been a nightmare. I am getting ready to delve into your very detailed posts about shoutouts and try to learn as much as possible before beginning the process. Shoutouts are definitely the way to go.
I know I am going to learn so much more by watching the rest of your interview and reading your posts,
but just an initial question:
I understand the slave accounts are posting every day with proven viral content, could you send me a link to one those slave accounts, just so I can see the type of viral content you are posting and how you are shoutingout your main page? (I know you are tagging the main page in the picture)
Thank you again, I am excited to learn from your interview!

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the vid and the links on that interview have everything you need


Thank you - yes I am definitely excited to watch the rest of the video.
I know it will be not be easy, but I believe my time will better spent investing in shoutouts than doing the same f/u and only gaining 10-15 new followers per day.

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Thank you Gul Alexnv :wink:

That was the plan. The bloke below mentioned you have some videos, would love to watch. Do you have a link?

Yes its in my thread just search

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