How to start right? in 2020

Hi all.

After reading a lot here I am just thinking out loud what to do:

First Dilemma:
Socinator vs Jarvee.

For FB socinator work better

Second Dilemma:
4G proxies. I really don’t know what to do with them. it’s so so confusing to where and how to start.

Third Dilemma:
Account buying. Should I buy an aged account?

In the end, I want to have an active 30 plus account. But everywhere I look I only see people that not really achieving their goals.

What are your recommendations?

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Good Luck mate. Test and trials is the only way now. I hope some senior member must step in and help.

I recommend you to not start :slight_smile: Trust my advice it will save you a lot of time, and the money you will spend too…

What are your test results say?

I must start. smile: … help me out

I think you didn’t read enough, your dilemmas are under the basics.

I think the better thing today is to manually F/U inside the phone to not risk your main account.