How to stop getting your domain banned by facebook


Hey guys since last month facebook has been banning domains on social media or even if they are not banned, the reach of that domain is lowered by 90% after a week or so.

Does anyone here know how to stop facebook from banning our domains? Also i use it only for facebook pages (not for groups).

I would appreciate your help on this. thanks

Extra info :
4 Posts each day.
Each link have its own unique img url and link


Same problem here, reach of my domain is lowered drastically since beginning of December. Maybe domain cloaking Will help? But idk how to cloak domain. I also only promoting viral articles, with no clickbait titles, no CPA, or adult :frowning:


same . Its killing me man. facebook doesn’t let you cloack link anymore. which is even more sad. What do you do now? did you find a suitable cloaker for this? all the cloakers are expensive and not suitable for adsense . They allow like 3-5 campaignes for $600-700 which is not worth it at all.


i think you should buy their ads ( promote your link to get traffic ) to make your domain trusted for them
those fuckers won’t let you get free traffic whatever your website helpful or not.
just buy some ads for example spend 5$ on 3 days and then you will notice the problem solved from nowhere


Have you tried serverside cloaking? Crawlers can read clientside javascript come. If you make the redirection from a server it should be fine. I have never tried it with facebook tho.


Do you do server side redirect for IG @losek? How do you detect IG/FB crawler? Do you only identify this or is there something else you do?


server redirect did you say? is there instruction which i can use to follow?