How To Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts on desktop? No bot

Strange but I can’t find anything about it.

When I want to log in to my second account I have to log out from the first one and then log in back.
That constant log in/out from different accounts trigger the emails from IG about new login from new device even if the device if the same computer and I didn’t change the IP or anything? Strange?

The only solution I can think of right now is to be logged in to different IG accounts (max 5x IG accounts per computer) with different browsers? But now I’m not sure if IG actually let 5x accounts per computer, maybe 5 accounts per device means 5 accounts per mobile, no computer allowed? :thinking:

I’m still looking for safe “normal” method of managing 5x IG accounts per device :wink:
If I’ll have any new observations I’ll let u know but I would also appreciate any suggestions.
Thank You :slight_smile:

Can you give some more context about your situation? How many accounts are you running, and for what purpose? And do you only want them on manual browsers and not automated software? Until knowing more, if you want to use browsers then one suggestion is to use Multilogin as it saves profiles and its security technology is stronger and makes it appear as if each profile is coming from a unique computer. If you’re running that from a home PC with residential IP then maybe you’re okay to do that on several accounts which aren’t doing anything too out of ordinary, but depending on what you’re doing then you’d want to look into proxies.


Thank you for reply @mdr07

In this topic I was only curious how to manually switch between 5x IG accounts per device but my device is computer :wink:

IG allow us to have 5x accounts per device and easy switch between those on mobile but not similar function on computers? So I’m curious how IG treat computer users and what will raise red flag for IG:

  1. constant log in/log out between those 5x IG accounts on 1 computer - every time I log in to IG account I get email from IG about new log in from new device - although the device is the same and even same session, I rarely restart my computers…
  2. log in once to 5 accounts using 5 different browsers - of course don’t use them all at the same time - posting with Gramblr with some time delays between accounts, maybe like/comment on one, delay 5 min, like/comment on another, and so on…

Currently I want to manually set up 3 computers with 5x IG accounts on each, so 15x IG accounts in total = 10x IG accounts where I post as myself but each account for different topic to build my authority. And 5x accounts for fake comments/likes to those 10x accounts :wink: And I just want to make it safe.

No automation/bot yet, except Gramblr for posting on 1 computer for 5 IG accounts.
I don’t follow anyone yet, just my own accounts. Rarely like or comment on another people.
Currently I focus on content.
And I can’t spend money on paid services/bots yet or until I’ll start making some money from those IG accounts - BTW after reading this forum it’s hard for me to believe ever happen… it’s so much work and knowledge :frowning:

Maybe I’ll start liking/commenting on other people accounts with some Mouse Recorder but limit 14 comment per hour is just too low…

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Okay then. Your use is quite unique, but again the thing I would try is Multilogin. You will get a free download with 10 free profiles per email registration, so just sign up twice to make the 15 profiles. Each profile will then be more secure and unique, compared to just all in the same normal browser, and hopefully IG will be okay with that all on the one IP if not doing much. Maybe they’ll treat it as some kind of Internet cafe. But otherwise, that’s when and why proxies get used.


I’m not sure how this could be thought of as ‘a unique situation’. This is a massive problem with Instagram on desktop/laptop. How can I upload an IGTV episode without having to log in and out constantly? This feature on desktop should be as easy as in the app. @Instagram - please fix!

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Use grids for Mac :desktop_computer:

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I’VE FIGURED IT OUT! I’ve just had 10 minutes of stress trying to do this, there is nothing out there to tell you how to do it!
As follows…
Go onto the Instagram app… Switch onto the account that you want to delete… Go onto Settings… Then Security Tab… Then Password Tab… Give the account it’s own specific Password… then go onto the Desktop and Log On with that Account Name and Password…

It’s proper annoying that you can’t switch directly in from another account!