How to switch Instagram usernames

I am rebranding a company and have two registered usernames - the original username and the new one. I want to swap the usernames so that the new brand picks up the followers, but don’t see a way to do this without risking losing the new username?
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Just pick a third username for temporary usage so you can swap the two. Really simple. Unless it doesn’t allow a new username to be picked up immediately after changing, which would be helpful to know.

i don’t understand?? :clown_face: @Gtamaster

You hold 2 usernames on two respective accounts.
You want to swap them.

But cant do that directly since it requires the username to be available and its not. See above.

So imagine a new username, maybe its the desired username with an added character.

Now you can change the username of the account with brand-inteded username to this third username.

On your brand account, once the above is done, change the username on the brand account to your designated name since its now free again.

Once this is done, you’re free to change the account with the [now] third username to your brand account’s old one… or whatever you wish to do.

The only issue would be if Instagram limits the ability to claim a username once its changed. If Instagram limits your ability to immediately claim a changed username, then it might take longer & potentially invite someone seeking the same name to claim it when its available if you are not diligent enough.

I have no information on this at the time of this writing. My best guess its unlikely.

So its best to either search for this information, or test it on some throwaway accounts using the above example with arbitrary usernames.

I hope this clarified.

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thanks @Gtamaster but it’s not so easy as lnstagram now blocks usernames for 14 days before making them available again…

When was the last time you verified this 14 day hold?

@colorme i haven’t really verified myself. i changed one username and it wasn’t available immediately…? what do you recommend?