How to target specific countries with MP?

Hello guys, I was wondering, how can I target for example only US citizens ? It’s clear to me that it won’t be possible to reach 100%, but I would like to increase my percentage since the CPA offers for US,UK,AU and CA are paid way better than any other random country. So for example, Justin Bieber are following people from all over the world, so I can’t really do anything against that. I could use the geolocation filter in Massplanner, but then I couldn’t target my audience based on what they are interested in, so that doesn’t seem to sensible as well. Anyone got tips ?

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Im not an expert, but I search for cities and look for the pages on my niche. If i want to target canada with a food niche, i would search for “vancouver food”.

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Thanks I will try that the problem is that I’m in blackhat niches and I think it won’t work like that because I can’t search for spy sms vancouver or stuff like that. Any idea on how to do it ?

try a generic page and see the result. i all really a matter of testing :grinning:

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You can use negative keywords (blacklist) and then use the geopage for instagram is another method.

I’m afraid I don’t exactly know what you mean by that ? What are negative keywords ? And if I put that location in Massplanner I can’t specify the people I want to follow any more.

You can follow them based on interests. Place they keywords here you are looking for, then the keywords you DONT want in the one above it.

Ah yeah. Don’t know if it would work out how I want it, but it could be very nice. Thank you very much !

I use geo-loaction targeted comments, but you’d probably want a nested spintax that could spit out multiple unique comments or at least have many variations bacause AFAIK you can only add 1 comment to the geo-targeting option.