How to target thousands of specific instagram usernames?

I have a list of thousands of specific instagram usernames that I want to target.
Looking for paid & free methods on how to accomplish this. Any thoughts ?

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Depends what your goal is?
You can use mass dms, mother slave etc.
But if you don’t have a good offer/ profile/ setup you are wasting money as these services only work with a good backend.

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Mass DM I think would be too damaging to brand.
M / S I guess is an option, via likes and comments on latest post ?

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Yeah if you are trying to sell, M/S is very hard and requires lots of experience as you need to filter. The list would have to be already perfect otherwise.

Conversion to sales on MS is much lower than the normal MS for follows

*edit but you already have a list so targeting likes and comments seems like a waste unless your list is just influencers.

MS is great. Just warning you that it’s not easy and lots of people cannot produce sales with it.

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I just want to create awareness for potential app download.
Id run Insta ads too if I could target my userlist, but I dont have email/phonenumber or Appid

Anybody have any insight on how to get one of the 3 at scale from a username list ?

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Mass dm is the only way to sure fire get them your app but its also the lowest return rate.

Mother slave works on if you have a great slave setup that goes with the app. Ie a marvel repost slave sending out a new marvel game.

It won’t work if it was random clone page females sending out marvel game downloads. They wouldn’t get the follow back in the first place to send. So, the sources would be wasted.

So, you can work on your own project which will take time to learn and master or hire someone to do it. But they would need to have slaves in your niche or willing to create a new setup. Some will only use their base slaves.

I’m way to busy to create a new setup so someone may be able to help you. However if your learning yourself I have written a few posts on it.


Yeah I have the capabilities of running a few of my own. I’ll start there and read your posts. Thanks for the direction. IF you have any other tips im all ears :slight_smile:

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Mother/child Instagram

Cold email using Google Gmails - really good, we can send 50k emails per day all going to Inbox… no spam

get the emails and reverse search them, add them on LinkedIn, run LinkedIn bot