How to targeted for a business?

What is the best settings for a business?
If I wanted to target users in a specific area how would I do that?
I was thinking competitors followers but that is to broad?
Can I narrow it down to a city ?

There’s Follow by geo location source, you can use it. However, this way you won’t follow users who are interested in your business, you’ll be following all users who posted pics on certain geo location.

Maybe the best strategy would be to follow competitors followers, especially if they have good, active accounts.

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While I second this, you can also create REAL foot traffic to a brick and mortar. Especially with good content, smart auto commenting with multiple ridiculous, spin heavy keywords. Who couldnt do with not being on social media l day and yet get 4-5 new customers a day. Mind you, the settings have to be for long term growth and not blasting…

“want followers?”
“Check my page!”

Finding an advertising budget for a small businesses is tough. Getting “Butts-into-seats” as they call it.

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With geo location as source you can try something like, let’s say your into fitness niche somewhere in California, you can follow those that posted w/ the location (Gold’s Gym Venice Beach California)

@mommyfats is correct. If you want city specific, my best advice is to get as many sources as possible. Target local, specific businesses or attractions. Geo-tagging is not something that everyone does. They geo-tag for a reason.

Brick and Mortar targeting is different from gaining followers targeting. Yes, end goal is followers. But you want local, engaged followers! You want people walking in the door, and when you ask how they found you, they say “Instagram”!

I know my targeting is on point when the DM’s are all about “Hi, are you hiring??”


I think the best way to target a followers with a bussiness purpose is still gain from competitors, for example 5 days ago i find a ig account selling pregnant dress and jeans. And i know he reselling the product, so i search for the source of product. After find the source, i create new ig account, repost the content from competitior, follow they followers, just in 15 hours, i got first order. And i think it’s working good.

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