How to tell if scrapers/ slaves are good

I’ve been doing a lot of testing lately and have noticed that most ‘badly made accounts’ will die within 48hours. This can happen on a proxy or off.

I first noticed this when I purchased scrapers and forgot to use them after a few days. They all were dead!
This is a user I have always bought from, but I just thought that most scrapers would die within that time anyway. Then I realized most would die within 48hours even without scraping.

I have been trying to learn how to make amazing accounts for the last 6 months and in my opinion my slaves are perfect. I never have issues with them.

The scrapers however have been a pain in the ass to figure out. I make my slaves by hand and didn’t want to waste time making hundreds of scrapers.

So, I tried at least 5 account making bots, scripts etc and they all had one thing in common. The accounts die within 48hours. I decided to make some scrapers by hand and left them on a proxy for a week and all of them stayed alive. They also lasted longer with scraping. (They still got captcha, but passed it easier and got more api calls done).

So, my suggestion is to buy or create a small batch of accounts and leave them on a proxy for 48 hours to test how many get captcha. Then see if it is scalable. A good account should be able to stay alive with no actions and even no proxy attached to it. If they don’t last, buy from a different supplier.

Before people ask. I am not selling handmade scrapers, it takes too much time doing it the way I do it. I only make slaves for other people.


Great Info, fully agree and can confirm similar results. THX for sharing :+1: The birth of an account is a vital part in its life :hatching_chick:

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Yeah. It’s just something I never thought about until recently. Scrapers to me were just kill accounts, but now are becoming more expensive to use. Its important to find quality accounts nowadays.

Handmade are the best in my opinion. I regularly make them for myself.

But, I’ve also not had any issue with the ones I made with JV. Although for me it was tougher to make them on JV than it was to make them by hand. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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The ones made in jarvee seem to die a lot faster. So, I don’t use it. But also you waste a lot of time and money looking for good sms numbers etc.

Handmade is the way to go. Just takes time and patience.


I also recommend handmade they live longer then JV.
Keep it up for your patience and time and you spend some extra money on no’s

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Yeah I literally have hundreds of physical sims now lol

Use real sim or virtual no

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Ive found most virtual numbers to be useless. They can make accounts but the accounts seem to die faster. A friend reckons that most virtual numbers are tracked.
Ive been using real sims with way better success. More costly but worth it.

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From where u get these real no… can you suggest one of this

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I buy them in store from the country I like in

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Can u recommend that store.if you want @heroeslair

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Im from new zealand. So jb hifi

How much do you pay for your sims? And what happens when you lose one of the accounts? Does that mean you just throw the sim out?

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$1 per sim and nah I usually can have 2-3 accounts per sim but have noticed if you do get a bad account it can make the sim number bad too. (Ie unable to create a new account).

I have only been using my own sims for slaves. I’m still testing what I need for scrapers. Goal is to have an army of scrapers that never die that can hit high api calls.

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Wow those are some cheap prices for SIMs. I’m surprised considering NZ is generally a pretty expensive place to be.

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Thats also $nz too which is lower than us, euro

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You are saying, leave them on a proxy, doing nothing, performing no actions?

For 48 hours yes. But seems like Instagram has added a new security feature and some of my newly made ones are being after a week or two.

No idea what this new change is looking for but its even disabling manually grown accounts. Must be something that’s linking them.

I assume it’s just a new verification wave and that it will not last long.

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