How to think out the box?

All is in the title ! How to think out the box ?



Meditate on the thing you are working on and the problems that arise. Throw in different ideas and gradually you will come up with stuff.

This type of thinking comes with experience. The more you know on the topic the further away you can think while still being productive


A bit on the same wavelength as @heroeslair - I go for walks to be further away from the situation I’m in. No phones. Just a little notebook. And go into nature. I find ideas come to me most clearly that way.

Alternatively, if you it is legal in your area and if it works for you - perhaps cannabis can help boost your creativity. For me, it connects different parts of my brain and i can easily understand things and come up with various solutions that seem so obvious.

Another, thing that helps is to follow your curiosity & study different fields. Taking a concept from another industry entirely and apply it to yours can be tremendously advantageous. I first heard this from Jay Abraham.

Read his first chapter in his Free book for some examples of this

Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You Got
Where You’re Headed – Understanding the Big Picture


I’m reading Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This right now and there are some great tips for being creative and thinking outside the box. The author, Luke Sullivan, is an ad writer and makes the point that you can definitely learn creativity.

Creativity in advertising is problem solving. When you state the problem as a bald question, sometimes the answers suggest themselves.

If the Idea Needs a Headline, Write 100

That last one is useful for me - I generally just pour ideas onto a piece of paper and aim for at least 15 or 20.

EDIT: Oh, and while I don’t recommend copying people, definitely don’t be afraid to look at other people’s work and add your own spin.


get very stoned and go for a walk. works for me consistently


thinking in a very very simple way = thinking out of the box, believe me, work 1000%


give me an example?

@Luca is basically referring to thinking in terms of first principles. An example would be nearly everything that Elon Musk is doing… That’s his go-to advice.

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make sense doesn’t it :grin: well I don’t know if you watch snooker or not but I’m a big fan, in snooker, the main goal is to score the highest break, if you can keep it between reds and blacks you will make the highest break is the shortest time, if you played the game you will see that your mind always give you most difficult ways to play the game you will find yourself struggling to get from reds to colors but when you watch a professional player you will see that 90% of the balls that he pot are extremely easy, does that mean the game is easy? no, it one of the hardest games I ever played but the way the pro think is soooo much simpler than how I think so the moral of this example is that you need to be aware of how your mind works and never follow your thoughts blindly always make a pause and look at your thoughts then try to see things in a very simple way, that was a small example I hope I did not waste your time :grin:


Instead of thinking outside a big box, try to cut-it out into multiple small boxes. Then, try to think outside these small boxes.

It’s always easier to proceed into step-by-step actions, instead of trying to revolutionize something big, where you don’t even know where to start.

Do the A, then the B and the C, untill your reach Z. Trying to do the whole alphabeat at once won’t probably work easily !

Welcome by the way @Nazir :slight_smile: