How to uise Jarvee on Facebook to grow up in 2023?

Hello, I hope you are all doing well.

I have a page on Facebook that is not taking off.
I have jarvee and a dozen Facebook accounts with a correct profile and ready to use.

I would have liked to know what strategies you would recommend me to do to increase the likes of my page?

This is my 1st goal.
It would be nice to have an answer from you,
In any case, I already thank the people who will take the time to read and respond to a new one.


the thing which we do here is , we mass share page post to groups , like hundreds of groups, that way we have grown many facebook pages to hundred thousands+ followers in months , we do it with our manual setup much safe but maybe you can do something like that with jarvee


Ok so if I understood correctly you repost the posts of the facebook page directly in the facebook groups?

If so, do you have any restrictions from group admins? Or ban?

Thanks for answering me anyway :slight_smile:

we do clever posting so admins allow our posts in 98% cases hehe, thats how we have grown many facebook pages for our clients, with how many facebook accounts you are growing your facebook page?

5 accounts currently but it’s very hard to increase the number of subscribers for example…

I thought Jarvee was shut down. How do you keep using it for facebook?