How to unblock someone who blocked me?


There’s this one guy that keep hating on every post. I blocked him but other ppl say to me that he still comment on my posts (I dont see his profile).
I want to see him again and delete every comment he write but it looks that he blocked me too(?) and I can’t unblock him…

Is there any solution to this problem?
How to deal with Insta haters?


There is nothing you can do since he blocked you. You can unblock him but that will not solve the problem. You would need to log in from another account and report his comments etc to Instagram in order to do anything about it.

Thanks @wortime !
I think that I figured it out.
This soab is giving a shots with his comments and then he blocks (so you can’t see his comment). Later he unblock you and give you antoher shot. And so on.

Btw. best way to be a troll so far :sweat_smile:


Doesn’t matter thay guy still comment on you post. Hater gonna hate, It’s like he think about you every time, but you didn’t, :joy: